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Another banger! I’ll add, since it’s becoming increasingly obvious how directly aligned Silicon Valley is with the rise of right wing authoritarianism, that another prominent follower of eugenics is of course none other than Donald J Trump. He subscribed to the same “racehorse theory” the Stanford boys club did (does?) thanks to the even more explicitly racist tutelage of his dear old dad.


And it’s such a tell that this self-idolization always comes from rich sons who’ve inherited fortunes stolen from people who actually sweat and bleed and die, whether that’s ruby mines or apartment building in Queens. Their solution is never to build up the social safety net to make it possible for everyone who wants children to be able to raise them without worry, but that *the right people* need to procreate more.

Poll after poll shows that even relatively well off people are having fewer children than they may otherwise want because of everything from high infant mortality in the richest country in the world to the ridiculous cost of childcare and education.

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